Welcome to the monthly goal update series. At the end of each month, I’ll write a wrap-up post on how I am tracking with my goals. I know the only person interested in this much detail about my life is my grandmother, however, science says that you are more likely to achieve something if you have to share your progress publically, and who am I to question science?

November in a nutshell

Wow! I can’t believe November is now over and we are in the final month of 2018! November honestly feels like a blip on the radar and was quite a busy time here. You may have noticed it was a bit quiet on the blog front as well as all social media. Things were crazy at work where a large project came to a head and it was all systems go for most of November with little time or mental energy to focus on much else. I feel as if things have settled a little now so we will see how December turns out.

The goal review – Read more about my original goals here.

1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night 

I think I achieved this…and my fitness tracker seems to validate this, hitting on average 8.5 hours per night. There seems to be 1 night, 5 November where I didn’t hit the 8 hour mark but being a random Sunday I’m not sure what that could be. The last week or two of the month I focussed on going to bed slightly earlier in order to take advantage of daylight savings and getting into work half an hour earlier.

2. Do more physical activity

I averaged 7,200 steps per day in November, a fair bit lower than my 10,000 steps a day goal. I didn’t even go on any awesome adventures, like my trips in previous months. With soccer season now finished until February next year, I need something to fill the void. What are your great ideas for being more active when there are no formal activities planned??

3. Find a way to ‘give’ each month 

I had so much fun shopping and packing Christmas gifts for those in need. I made three Christmas bags full of goodies for children to enjoy including; craft supplies, festive bowls, cups and plates, as well as bath bombs and body wash. I also filled a box with both festive an everyday household items and food for one family doing it tough in my area. These will be delivered by a local not-for-profit on Christmas Eve and I hope it gives a little Christmas Cheer to someone who really needs it.

4. Increase my savings rate by 1% each month   

The goal set at the beginning of the year for November was 59% of take home pay. Unfortunately, I had one client who was no longer able to offer me work due to personal reasons and this lowered my side hustle dollars. Side hustling was the reason I was able to hit such a high savings rate in October so I was a little disappointed, though you have to roll with the punches. When one income stream reduces or stops here are two options, cut back on spending, or find some income to replace it. In this case, the timing worked well and I was able to pick up a couple market research gigs. One paid cash, one paid for in gift cards and grocery items.

**Edit** Mrs. ETT correctly pointed out that I forgot to mention my actual savings rate for this month. It landed at a slightly below target 56%. I didn’t count the grocery vouchers as ‘savings’ though hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can make use of them and then save what would have been my grocery money instead.

5. Learn as much as I can about blogging and update this blog at least once per week

As promised my first small business interview with Erica from Nothing More, Nothing less was posted in November. Erica talks about how her services may help our readers to achieve a better work, life and fun balance.

If you know an awesome small business that I should interview in the new series or you are interested in sharing a guest post with AAB readers contact me here.

As for the rest of November, see my opening paragraph – things were crazy around here! I should be back on schedule for December and beyond.

That’s a wrap for November!

Did you set goals for 2017? How are you tracking? What have been your major hurdles and how did you get back on track?