Welcome to the monthly goal update series. At the end of each month, I’ll write a wrap-up post on how I am tracking with my goals. I know the only person interested in this much detail about my life is my grandmother, however, science says that you are more likely to achieve something if you have to share your progress publically, and who am I to question science?

December in a nutshell

Fa  La – La – La – La! Definitely one of my favourite times of the whole year! December to me is all about Christmas and Summer – two of the best things ever!!! Can you tell I’m a crazy holiday person? In December I enjoyed Christmas festivities, birthdays a plenty and so much sunshine and swimming time <3

Things have slowed down a little at work – though I need to remember not to be fooled. The mad daily rush has subsided and revealed there is still a lot of work to do for the long term. Luckily for me, that means I’ll be gainfully employed for the foreseeable future (that was never in question but always good to appreciate that lots of work means a stable income which others may not have).

I’ll need to set aside some time to appreciate what a year it has been and to set some new goals for 2018, however for now take a look at how I went in December and a quick yearly wrap up at the end. Happy reading 🙂

The goal review – Read more about my original goals here.

1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night 

Since another fitbit tracker has bitten the dust I don’t have the exact stats for the month, however, I feel this has easily been achieved. Even with one super late party night with friends I managed an awesome sleep in the next day thanks to a lovely bit of rain lulling me to sleep in my tent – what a blissful sound.

2. Do more physical activity

Sooo one thing about an Aussie summer is it is so darn hot!! If floating in a body of water counts as exercise then I win this month. While I believe relaxing and enjoying nature have positive effects on mental health and happiness, I’m not so sure on the physical activity benefits 😉

This is something that will most likely stay on the list for 2018 as it is the one that I keep making excuses for month after month. 

3. Find a way to ‘give’ each month 

My allocation for giving in December was actually brought forward and utilised and reported on in November – this was to ensure the Christmas goodies were delivered to families in need on time.

4. Increase my savings rate by 1% each month   

The goal set at the beginning of the year for December was to finish the year on a high and save a total of 60% of my net income. While I did lose one client last month, I was able to ramp up some hours this month with another due to the busy time of year. By combining this extra work with some ‘free’ supermarket vouchers I’ve collected throughout the year I was able to reduce the actual amount of money leaving my account and thus achieved the goal of 60% savings rate – woo hoo!

5. Learn as much as I can about blogging and update this blog at least once per week

I wouldn’t say it is directly blogging related, perhaps more on the general marketing side of things. My mini lesson was about putting yourself out there to get what you want. I received a marketing email from an Aussie business and thought ‘I’d love to interview these guys on my blog as the work they do is fantastic.’ Previously, I would have just deleted the email and my thoughts along with it, thinking I’m too small and insignificant for anyone to want to agree. However, for some reason, I was feeling bold and hit send. Not only did I get a response (quite quickly too) it was a positive one. My lesson for the month is a little confidence goes a long way and it is always worth putting yourself out there.

That’s a wrap for December -now let’s get into the yearly wrap up!

2017  Wrap Up

Overall I am super proud of the efforts of 2017 and the achievements that have come along the way. I am super glad that I took the leap and started All About Balance and have been able to share my journey. I have also had the honour of meeting (virtually) some amazing blogging friends along the way. Without the support network of everyone who read, commented or engaged on social media I may not have stuck the course.

Thanks to the accountability of public goals I was able to achieve;

  • An average yearly savings rate of 54%! – which was right on target
  • Learnt a LOT about blogging (and didn’t cry too much when I accidentally deleted my site – twice!)
  • Found a way to give over $300 + time + donated items to those who need it more than me
  • Focused on really considering purchases before just spending on a whim
  • Looked after my mental health and naturally re-enrgised by getting an average of 9 hours sleep per night
  • Built stronger relationships that aren’t centred around consumerism
  • Having AAB feature in a couple of guest posts – who would have thought this little blog would be accepted and shared by others 🙂

Most of all I hope you have enjoyed reading for this past year on a range of topics including finance, health, careers, relationships and the importance of community.  I look forward to writing, reading and sharing a whole lot more in 2018.

Did you set goals for 2017? What did you achieve that you are proud of in 2017?