This is a special off-schedule post for us today as it happens to be the first day of January on a Monday, not a Friday.

I’m writing today to publically commit to taking part in Uber Frugal Month Group Challenge (UFM). It has been announced by Mrs. Frugalwoods as the last UFM for a while. This is because the Frugalwoods are eagerly anticipating the birth of their second daughter and the release of Mr. Frugalwoods new book (I’ve ordered my copy- have you?).

What is the Uber Frugal Month Group challenge?

I’m glad you asked.

There have been over 21,000 people who have successfully completed the challenge in the past and saved thousands of dollars. The daily email will dare you to review your spending against your values and long-term goals and ensure you are set up for success.

You’ll learn to examine your habits, embrace the art of substitution, be confident with insourcing and banish excuses as to why you can’t have what you want. Best of all the Uber Frugal Month Challenge “ultimately, transforms your relationship with spending, saving, and financial planning.”

It’s the start of a new year and the challenge will be closing down for a while after January – so what better time to give it a go then now ?!

How do I join?

Step 1 – Find an accountability partner

I’m a big fan of having accountability for your own life and actions and one of the best ways to do this is to publically declare your intentions. It is one of the reasons I write this blog, and 99% of the reason I’m writing this post right now.

I have signed up for the UFM Challenge twice in the past and unfortunately, I haven’t been 100% committed to all the activities. When Mrs. ETT mentioned she would be joining the challenge and inviting us to take part, I thought it was a great idea to really give this thing a red hot go.

So, find a friend (or join us here in the comments below and on twitter @aab_aus and @EnoughTimeTo). We can work together to take charge of your financial lives and commit to helping one another stay on track.

Step 2 – Officially Sign up for updates

You will need to sign up on the Frugalwoods website to get the daily email updates each day in January 2018. There is also an Uber Frugal Month Facebook Page you can join for even more interaction and accountability.

Step 3 – Complete the challenge

No excuses, no ifs, no butts. Just show up every day and follow the great tips on offer.

As I said I’ve already followed along with the challenge twice and know there are some amazing insights and ideas. The Frugalwoods managed to save over 70% of their income and retire early – they definitely know their stuff.

Some extras to get you started

Before jumping into anything I believe you need to ask yourself why? If the answer is because Miss Balance and Mrs. ETT are doing it, then as flattering as that may be, you probably won’t get the most out of the challenge.

Instead, ask yourself these questions and either publically or privately write down your answers. If you are having a tough day, or want to give up halfway through, come back to what you wrote at the beginning of the challenge. It may just give you that extra little boost to keep on going.


  1. Why are you participating in this challenge?
  2. What do you hope to accomplish?
  3. Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? And beyond?
  4. How is your current lifestyle inhibiting your goals? And most importantly;
  5. What can you do about it?

Will you be joining us for the Uber Frugal Month Group Challenge? What are you hoping to achieve?