How scheduling your time can lead to greater happiness and more money

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  1. Mrs. ETT says:

    I schedule tasks I want to complete at work in my calendar. Not only does this ensure I don’t get booked for meetings (as you said), it’s a visual reminder of what I am prioritising.

    What I need to do is schedule more time for friends and family. Mr. ETT hates scheduling, but I find if we don’t commit, then it just doesn’t happen.

    • Miss Balance says:

      It can be hard sometimes if one person likes to be more spontaneous. Lucky for me Mr B likes to be even more organised and detailed than I am, so it lets me feel like I’m spontaneous and fun sometimes 😉
      Perhaps if you don’t plan anything for a while he will notice and say “we haven’t seen XYZ for a while” and you can then say, we’ve been so busy I don’t know when we’ll had time. Hopefully he says “perhaps we should set some time aside to see them” and then bam, it was his idea to schedule!

  2. Lucy says:

    As someone who works partially from home, scheduling is by far my biggest challenge. It is so easy to start doing other things and then forget the actual task at hand only later to remember it still needs to be done! Crazy insane cycle!

    • Miss Balance says:

      I know what you mean. On days when I feel particularly​ out of hand I write everything down and make sure I don’t get distracted. It can be easier said than done!

  3. LadyFIRE says:

    “Do you schedule your time? Have you noticed any results? ”

    Yepp, I schedule in two hours of gaming time and notice that it bleeds into four. And then since I’m passed the ‘start time’ for another task, I push it off to another day :p Scheduling like a boss! *cough, nope*

    That said, your post is inspiring – When I ‘scheduled’ my workouts for as soon as I got home, they were working really well. Now my partner keeps beating me home and distracts me, workouts do not happen. Maybe a shared diary that says ‘No talking till the weights are lifted’ will help 🙂

    • Miss Balance says:

      I completely understand the ‘five more minutes’ turning into a few more hours. That’s why I like to keep busy and have things planned so I don’t find myself with that much free time to spare.
      A good idea about having an agreement not to distract each other before workouts 😉 would he be interested in working out with you so you could talk about your day and tick something off your list at the same time?

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