How to save more than $750 in the next 30 days

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  1. LadyFIRE says:

    I love the idea of the $21 challenge, but I find it a super restrictive number. Mr. FIRE and I make a point of using up everything we can, so we have a massive stock of condiments and bugger all food. All our ‘pantry’ meals revolve around looking at the bottle of Fish Sauce I bought for one meal and having Fish Sauce week.

    Which sounds gross and weird, but Fish Sauce week means brilliant Asian food!

    I also worked out not using my car to get to work to be way more than $120 – I work in the CBD and live 8kms away so driving would be a tank of petrol a week ($50) plus parking ($10 a day) – It could easily be $120 a week!

    • Miss Balance says:

      I actually think the $21 challenge was originally designed to be done over one week, not a whole month but I have a bad habit of buying everything in such large quantities I can often go an entire month without buying anything at all. I don’t own fish sauce for that reason, but it does sound like an interesting challenge and who doesn’t love Asian food!

      I was being very conservative with my figures for most things. I’m lucky to have free parking at work so didn’t even take that into consideration, that definitely adds up much quicker. Do you use public transport to get to/from work?

  2. These are FANTASTIC ideas. Hell, I haven’t tried a few of these myself. 🙂 I sniff a frugal challenge in the air!

  3. Mrs. ETT says:

    Super comprehensive list, Miss Balance. As I’ve discovered FI I am learning to “fix it don’t bin it” – it’s just better all around. I still have a very long way to go with this, though.

    On the weekend, Mr. ETT and I were also discussing having a big family picnic. I love picnics; the kids can run around, and as you said – very low cost compared to going out to lunch.

    I’m also getting better at speaking up, but Mr. ETT is all over that one!

    • Miss Balance says:

      Thanks. Most of these have been ingrained in me since I was a child so they’ve been easy to carry on. Family picnics are awesome! Having 4 kids and tonnes of cousins picnics or BBQs at home were the go to family events.
      Keep speaking up and trying new things 😊

  4. Ro says:

    These are all great tips for a little extra cash in the pocket, great job!

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