Welcome to the monthly goal update series. At the end of each month I’ll write a wrap-up post on how I am tracking with my goals. I know the only person interested in this much detail about my life is my grandmother, however science says that you are more likely to achieve something if you have to share your progress publically, and who am I to question science?

May/June in a nutshell

May/June saw the end of the summer Netball season and the full ramp up of the Football/Soccer season, continual side hustling work and a few social engagements, including visiting the famous Sydney Vivid Festival – a light show spectacular that takes over our city each year. Each of the photos in this post are from the Vivid festival or the fungi adventure mentioned below.

There were many animal displays at Taronga Zoo during the Vivid Festival


Many buildings are lit up with interesting colours and patterns

More Vivid fun

We felt we were being watched at Vivid

The goal review

To check out what my original goals were go here.

1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night 

A little bit of a struggle to get to sleep some nights due to pressures and stress at my day job led me to google ‘meditation for sleep’ resulting in some interesting discoveries. I tried a few different ones and found one that really did help my brain to switch off and get to sleep which was great.

2. Do more physical activity

Soccer has been great in getting my fitness levels back up, especially that Sunday I played two games in a row – that was an achievement!

I have also been included in a few fitbit challenges with friends which are quite motivational as they tap into my competitive side.

There was also a bit daytrip with Mr B in the Blue Mountains where we spent the day exploring the bushland after some rain for some awesome fungi growths. There are so many different and interesting types of fungi! I’m a lover of natural beauty.

I’m quite happy with these results.

3. Find a way to ‘give’ each month

Over May/June I donated to RSPCA through a friend participating in the Million Paws Walk – this is a regular annual donation for me, supported MR B in running the City to Surf and raising money for R U OK day, and also purchased a cute beanie in support of Brain Cancer Research.

I also continued to give my time as an administrator and participant in my local Buy Nothing page, as cook meals for those in need once per month.

4. Increase my savings rate by 1% each month   

With a saving rate of 52% in April the for goals for May/June were 53 and 54% respectively.

As mentioned in the April update I’ve found the savings rate targets pretty easy so far. This shows that I was probably wasting a bit of money before and have now tightened up that slack. It has been great as I’ve saved hundreds of extra dollars already!

June was the first month to felt the pinch at 54%. I believe this was magnified by a shortage of cash flow due to a group trip for my birthday with friends that I prepaid for and will get the money back in July. I believe I will be comfortable with a 54% rate in future if I were to stick to that level, though I am going to push and keep going with the aim to get that to 60% by the end of the year. Christmas might take some preplanning.

5. Learn as much as I can about blogging and update this blog at least once per week

So this one is the only goal that I feel has been completely blown out of the water. My last update was 12 May, and now this on 7 July – a big gap there. This has been due to an increase in mentally draining project work at my day job, and expanded by extra hours side hustling.

I’ve had the desire to write here and there, especially when I read something awesome and want to write about it from my point of view, however putting words on a page just felt too overwhelming as I’m worried it won’t be perfect. I’m going to aim to get back on track with one post per week and focus on getting it done, rather than worrying too much about making it the best thing I’ve ever written. After all, what is habit gets done, and I’m not applying for any writers awards anytime soon 😉

I did make one blogging change and that is to cancel my ConvertKit membership. While it is a useful tool for email subscriptions and a possible future marketing tool if I chose to use it, it was costing me almost $40/month and this is a hobby for me, not a business. I have chosen to allow people to subscribe to the blog through MailChimp, when I figure out how it works as I’m missing the ‘send’ button on my signup form. A work in progress.

Got some tips for other ways I can improve my blog and offer you more relevant content? Let me know in the comments below or contact me here.

That’s a wrap!

Did you set goals for 2017? How are you tracking? What have been your major hurdles and how did you get back on track?