Monthly Goal Update – May & June 2017

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  1. Hey

    I’ve considered the MailChimp option but get spooked by the requirement to have an address on there. Not yet willing to invest in a PO BOX, I wussied out, how do you get around this?

  2. Totally get the feeling about letting it get overwhelming to write. I put pressure on myself to get 2 blogs out a week, but found with a day job, and some freelance writing it has been a struggle.

    Good move on cancelling ConvertKit. Lots of free or cheaper options out there.

    Happy birthday for the other day!

    • Miss Balance says:

      Thanks Cath.

      It is just something I want to do for fun on the side, but I already have so many other things on the side 😉 just got to admit I can’t do everything at once.

      Thanks for the Birthday wishes!

  3. pia says:

    When I have a burning idea, I quickly fire up wordpress and put in a draft post with a WIP title and a quick 1-2 sentence about this idea. Later on I will come back and flesh out the idea. But I also try not to dwell on a post for too long. It is better to get a post out than fine-tune it a 100 times and never posting anything, imo! If I finetune my (admittedly terrible) writing, I would never get any blogs out.

    Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself or beat yourself up about missing your blogging schedule, after all this is meant to be fun. Come and go as you like and you will find your loyal readers will stick around. ;p

    • Miss Balance says:

      Thanks for the great tip! I might start doing that too. I put a few ideas down today in word docs, then got overwhelmed because I had too many! I think I just need to work on one at a time 😊

  4. Mrs. ETT says:

    I love fungi too! Mr. ETT will often find me crouched down next to a fungus or patterned moss, taking photos downwards instead of upwards at the rest of the bush. I get excited to show him what I’ve found, which he kindly admires before moving on. That blue/brown one is fabulous, and I’ve not seen one curled like a flower before. Now I know there’s a fellow appreciator, I won’t hold back on my photos any more!

    • Miss Balance says:

      Oh yay! All my friends think I’m a bit loopy 😉 Mr B is similar it sounds, smiles politely and then moves on. He is good at pointing out some new ones too though so that is always appreciated.
      I haven’t seen the curled flower one before either so that was pretty cool. These are just a few of the tonnes I took, perhaps I’ll share some more 😉
      I’ll keep a look out for yours too.

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