Monthly Goal Update – February 2017

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  1. Mrs. ETT says:

    After saying how busy you were at work before you left for your holiday, I’m so glad to hear that “the chance to escape, relax, unwind and recharge was more important than a few extra dollars.” You really are a better employee for doing this. We’ve just decided that we will be going to New Zealand this year, but our trip will focus on the North Island this time. When we get back for the South Island, I’ll probably hit you up for ideas!

    Can I ask why you don’t play netball any more? Weenie from Quietly Saving in the U.K. has just started it up, and it is something I am considering.

    • Miss Balance says:

      I actually prefer being busy/ have lots of organised activities – I get more done and feel more energised, but understand that taking a break every now and then helps to recharge so I can go full steam again.

      New Zealand is great. I spent 3 weeks in the North Island a couple of years ago. It has more to offer in the way of culture and traditional experiences, whereas the South Island is more about adventure. I’d absolutely recommend heading right up to the top of the North Island to Paihia. If you want to know anything else happy to help 🙂

      We didn’t have enough players to enter a team into the comp this time around. We found a similar situation trying to put a soccer team together this year. People get busy and have their own lives and priorities going on and they don’t always line up. I was in NZ when it all started this year so didn’t worry about it too much, but when I got back I spoke to the organisers and *spoiler alert for March update* will be a ‘spare’ player for when people call in sick etc so I still get to play without having to find a whole team. I’ve played netball since I was in the 1st grade in primary school and I love it, definitely recommend giving it a go!

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