How to avoid buying things you don’t need

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  1. I find it doesn’t take too long before you can rid yourself of the desire to constantly buy stuff. Good spending habits can be set just as easily as bad ones.

    Once it’s a habit to not shop, you find you have more time to spend with family, outside walking g or bike riding, or more time in the kitchen actually Baki g and cooking.

    It’s also extremely addictive to see the net worth increase.

    The most important question of all is, what makes me happy in life? Is this directly going to bring me more of that happiness?

    Thanks for the read.

    • Miss Balance says:

      I agree, I actually dress going to the shops now sometimes when I have to buy a gift, or even to get groceries. Growing up it was a cheap day out of the house for my mum to take us all to the shops to look but never buy. Then when I had my own money I wanted all the things we could never afford.
      Now that I don’t go to the shops, I want a lot less.
      Thanks for stopping by 😊

  2. Mrs. ETT says:

    That’s so true about any sort of shoes (and jeans). All this garbage about “don’t worry, they’ll stretch/soften when you wear them” is just that – rubbish. If they don’t feel perfect when I have them on in the store, I don’t buy them.

    My best tip for avoiding purchases is not to look in the first place. No brochures, no email lists, and only hitting the big shopping centre when I have a specific need. I went on the weekend and there was temptation everywhere!

    For online purchases, I put it in my cart, then come back the next day or week. Rarely do I end up committing.

    • Miss Balance says:

      Lol, one pair of my jeans has stretched out (probably too much) and they are my favourite. The rest definitely didn’t so I choose to wear them less often. Will definitely be getting the next size up next time comfort is very important.

      I agree, wandering around the shops I always see things that would be a ‘good idea’ that I would never have thought of if I didn’t see it. It is safer just to avoid the shops as much as possible. I now usually go grocery shopping after hours when everything else is closed.

  3. I have a hobby too (knitting and crocheting) and the first thing I ask myself when I’m tempted to buy a yarn is “will I use this for a current project?”. If the answer is no, it’d most likely I won’t buy it. But sometimes it’s hard to say no right away, especially if they are on special. If that’s the case, I’ll think of my future projects and my yarn stash. If they won’t fit in my stash, then I don’t need them. I also agree with Mrs. ETT, not looking is a great way to avoid purchases. For the last 2 years, I haven’t been to the shops without a purpose. I’ve saved a lot of money by giving up ‘window shopping’. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    • Miss Balance says:

      I’ll have to teach my grandmother to ask herself that 😉 Her sewing/yarn stash is huge – though it certainly helps me when I want to go ‘shopping’ in her sewing room for some fabric!

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