$5 dinner party – Why my friends love them and yours will too

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  1. LadyFIRE says:

    That’s amazing, thanks for sharing! We always seem to have people trying to ‘out-do’ each other and they end up spending ridiculous amounts and having tonnes of food left-over. Especially at those ‘bring a dish’ events where no one wants to be seen as a cheapskate so they bring enough to feed ten people.

    Now to find some $5 friends 🙂

    • Miss Balance says:

      I’ve had that before too and heard comments like ‘oh they only brought a drink and I went to all this effort’ or ‘that wasn’t home made.’
      I tried to move away from this as it wasn’t nice or helpful and not everyone likes to cook and bringing something that is bought with intention of sharing is more than enough.
      I hope you find your $5 friends soon. Shame Adelaide is too far to drop by for dinner 😉

  2. This sounds like a really fun idea. We have held some dinner parties throughout the years, but I always turn people down when they offer to bring something. Maybe I need to rethink this and turn it into something fun!

    • Miss Balance says:

      I used to be like this. I think it is the way I was brought up and being polite was always to decline help and do it yourself. I find if it is the whole theme and as you said it is meant to be fun it is different somehow.

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